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Heritage • Journeys Continued Opera Lives

Nov 14, 2020 - Mar 21, 2021
Haw Par Music

“Heritage • Journeys Continued – Opera Lives” a co-presentation between Les Beatitudes and Haw Par Music is on exhibition now through December 12, 2020. Exhibits include a close encounter of Cantonese Opera costumes, accessories and exquisite props, and a 4-metre large collage upcycled from repurposed neckties, a musical tour of Hong Kong from Pre-Ching Dynasty to present day by legendary DJ, Uncle Ray, highlight photographs into the backstage scene in the world of Chinese Opera captured renowned photographer Frank Fischbeck. Come experience a backstage ambiance with a 3D backstage wardrobe.

Please take note of the following exhibition arrangements:

1. Huge collage wall exhibit at Classroom G13: 
    • Open to the public during the visiting hours of Haw Par Music

2. Opera Lives costume display exhibition at Classroom G12 and exquisite recycle arts on 1/F open to the public on: 
   • Monday from 2PM to 5PM AND 
   • Tuesday - Sunday from 1PM to 4PM