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Concert by The Pelican ( a capella ) - Int'l Women's Day Celebration

Mar 7, 2021
3:30 & 4:30
Haw Par Music

The Pelican ( a capella )  performed  2 concerts @ Haw Par Music  for sewing mothers and friends of Les Beatitudes as an early celebration for International Women's Day. 

Follows by tour on Heritage Journeys Continues  Exhibition to view the rich heritage and preservation of the art form.  The exhibition includes installations, talks, and an intimate viewing of special collections on costume and accessories. It will also showcase a 4-meter long upcycled collage repurposed from neckties, a musical tour with a soundtrack curated by legendary DJ Uncle Ray, photographs into the backstage scene, captured by renowned photographer Frank Fischbeck on loan by The University of Hong Kong Libraries, and a 3D backstage wardrobe for visitors to experience.