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Book Talk

Mar 20, 2021
11:30 - 12:30
Haw Par Music

Book Sharing By Author : Alisa Shum

One Night of Cantonese Opera at New York with my Daughter

After 1967 riot, the economy of Hong Kong collapsed and Mr Danny Li (李奇峰)immigrated to New York to reunite with his fiancée and start a new life. Forty years after, he returned with his daughter, Li Pui Yan. This time is like the Opera “Mulan” and the “Mulan”  is Pui Yan, who picks up the “armour” (Dressing Trunk) and continues the journey on behalf of her family. 

When Covid surprised the world in 2020, performing industry is being impacted again !  Shows were cancelled, but Mr Li and Li Pui Yan meet the challenge along other artists in Hong Kong with their passion and the will to persevere. 

Alisa Shum, the author, will share with the audience on this amazing Opera Lives of Danny Li (李奇峰) .