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Our mission is to connect different groups to positively address social issues, the environment and empower women through arts & crafts. Our products are designed to create work opportunity in a more flexible work arrangement.

We want to weave a Social Fabric that could bind together those who want to give with those in need. Via up-cycling we rebuild relationships between people and empower them to contribute to our communities.



Our Mission

ReSKILL  :  People
Many people are constrained by their busy role as caretaker or limited skill set, thus we provide training to bring out their hidden potential and empower them with new skills.
ReCREATE  :  Opportunities
We provide opportunities for everyone involved to contribute their artistic talent, to recreate new purpose for the recycled item as well as a new journey for themselves.
ReCONNECT  :  Communities
Via art and craft, we reconnect groups who want to give with groups in need. Our exhibitions, events, workshops and products connect people of very different background and provide opportunity for mutual and understanding.
ReCYCLE  :  Items
As our world needs new ways to reduce waste, we design products with sustainable concept to remind everyone engaged to care for our environment.

 Our Trailer

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